Installing and Repairing Water
Wastewater Treatment Equipment

At B.A.M.² Inc. we realize people and capitol resources are limited in the water and wastewater industry. 24/7 we will provide technical assistance for water and wastewater equipment for upgrades, installs, rehabs and retrofits.
We realize the need for your plant to stay online so we do our work keeping that in mind.
If it is water or wastewater equipment, Give Us A Call!
B.A.M.² Inc. provides a wide variety of services for water and wastewater equipment used in treatment plants/systems.

Water/Wastewater Equipment Rehabilitation

Why buy new when we can make old water/wastewater equipment new again with new warranties?

  • Turbine Pump (Install, Repair and Rehab)
  • Headworks Equipment/ Barscreens (Install, Repair and Rehab)
  • Aerators (All Types), (Install, Repair and Rehab)
  • Blowers (Install, Repair and Rehab)
  • Flow Monitoring Equipment (Install and Repair)
  • Lift Stations (All Types) (Installation, repair and On-Site Rehab)
  • Clarifiers: (Install, Repair, Retrofit and Rehab)
  • Bar Screen Repair and Rehab
  • Water and Wastewater Equipment Exchange Program
  • Grit Collectors (Install, Repair and Rehab)
  • Digester Repairs (Repair and Rehab)
  • Pump, Tank, and Well Controls Systems (Install, Repair and Rehab)
  • All valves including Altitude and Pressure Reducing Valves (Install, Repair and Rehab)
  • Data Recording Devices (All Types)
  • And Much More, give us a call!

Dewatering Equipment

We also refurbish, repair and realign belt presses, centrifuges, and other water/wastewater equipment such as clarifiers.
Don't buy new if you don't have to!
Give us a call!

clarifier finished

Automated Controls

  • Full Custom Control Panels/Systems Design, Build and Installation
  • Level Controls Systems
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) Soft Start Controls

Service Areas

We serve the residents of Gleason, TN and surrounding areas. However, our company is registered to do business in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Hawaii.

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