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Check out our G3 Wastewater Technology

Check out our newest addition to the B.A.M. 2, Inc. range of services, G3 Wastewater Technology. G3 Wastewater Technology was developed by wastewater professionals with over 50 years of experience in controls and operations in wastewater. Click here for our story. Reduce and/or annihilate wastewater lagoon sludge ammonia, nitrates, phosphorus and sludge that have plagued your wastewater lagoon for years.

We have conflated our knowledge of mechanical mixing, ammonia and phosphorus removal, lagoon restoration, hydrodynamics and wastewater procedures. We then integrated this same knowledge into one Occam's Razor approach to wastewater's primary, secondary and tertiary process.

Our Services

With our patented G3 Technology, your system will start to gain capacity as soon as we begin our process. Every project starts with an onsite survey, a drone flyover and lagoon sonar mapping when possible.  We will then collect samples of your sludge where we can run extensive tests to determine at what level of our process your system needs.

Wastewater lagoon phosphorus and ammonia removal

As a benefit, our wastewater technology sludge degradation process eliminates almost all, if not all of the phosphorus and ammonia that is tied up in the sludge in your system in most cases.

This takes place as it goes through our lagoon wastewater sludge degrading process.

Total capacity of wastewater lagoon is increased

The total capacity of bio-solids in your system are decreased as they are degraded. As this happens, the water that is tied up in the solids is released. This makes the water in the wastewater lagoon ready to be released through your normal permitted process.

No wastewater sludge lagoon dredging or hauling

Do not be troubled with the astronomical cost and long timelines of dredging and hauling sludge.  Our process takes place quickly, on site, and in real time.